Multi Gauge

Multi Gauge™

Measures angles and distance for TrimCutter™ cut-off point

  • Easy to read protractors show your bend angles
  • Automatically slides up and down when making full over-bends
  • Quickly measures distance of TrimCutter™ Cut
  • *Shown with the Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster® and TrimCutter™
    Made in the USA
    One Gauge, Two Measurements
    Two measurements Icon

    One gauge, two measurements

    The Multi Gauge™ was designed to measure to elements while using a brake; the angle of the bend and the 1 ½" distance TrimCutter™ cut-off point. Sold as a set of two gauges to accurately measure over full length of material
    Measures a variety of angles
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    Measures a variety of angles

    Jobs require a variety of different angles to get the trim piece to fit correctly. The Multi Gauge™ makes it quicker to bend those unique angles
    Easy to use, easy to move
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    Easy to use, easy to move

    The Multi Gauge™ simply sets on top of the Power Lock™ hinge and will move up and down while locking and locking material. If you need to move the Multi Gauge, the lightweight and straightforward design allows the user to effortlessly slide out of the way or quickly pick it up.
    The Multi Gauge™ is one of those tools that any Van Mark brake user should not be without. Its lightweight design and versatility makes it easy to set up and easy to use. No more guessing on bend angles, no more measuring 1 ½" out for your TrimCutter™. Speed up your jobs and make your bends more accurate. The Multi Gauge™ is sold as a pair.

  • Works with current Cam-Locking bending brakes. For older models, please contact Van Mark at 800-826-6275 to verify adaptability.

    1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

    Van Mark Products Corporation warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship for or a period of 1-year from the date of original purchase. For details, click here.




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