Company History

Intro Trim-A-Brake

Van Mark Founded

Founded by Gene Van Cleave with the first facility in Detroit Michigan – Patented and introduced Trim-A-Brake portable bending brake to be used on the job site rather than in a factory.


Introduction of Saw Tables

Started selling portable saw tables for installers to cut Aluminum, Vinyl and wood using standard circular saws.

Intro Trim-A-Slitter


Patented and Introduced Trim-A-Slitter™ portable slitting machine designed to be used on the job site in conjunction with portable brakes. Allowed aluminum and steel rolls and sheets to be cut to custom sizes right on the job site rather than in a factory.

Our Slitters Today 1970
Van Mark Farmington Hills Plant

The new Van Mark Plant

Moved into a larger, state of the art Manufacturing facility in Farmington Hills, MI.

Intro Trim-A-Louver


Patented and introduced the Trim-A-Louver™, a Portable “punch Press” that put custom ventilation louvers in Aluminum, steel and Vinyl siding.

Our Louver Today 1972
Intro Trim-A-Table


Patented and introduced the Trim-A-Table™, a portable cutting table with a rotating boom designed to cut custom angles in siding, trim and other products used in the installation of Roofing Siding and windows.

Our Tables Today 1973
For Now...For the Future

Looking towards the future

Over the years, Van Mark Products illustrated the importance of quality in our products. To this day, quality has been our focus in all our tools and service.

Intro Coil Cradle

Coil Cradle™

Patented and Introduced the Coil Cradle™, a small jobsite tool designed to hold rolls of coil for easy use on the jobsite. The Coil Cradle greatly reduced scrap and damage to rolls of metal used in construction.

Our Coil Cradle™ Today 1979
Van Mark at ARA

A staple in the Rental Industry

Started exhibiting at American Rental Show. Due to the overwhelming demand for bending brakes in the rental industry. Van Mark quickly became the favorite of the Rental Industry due to the quality, low maintenance and high ROI of their products.

Trade Shows & Events 1980
Mark I Series

Bending Brakes

Patented and Introduced the first Cam Operated Portable Bending Brake. This innovation eclipsed other jobsite bending technology by allowing the user to make 180° “Hem” bends. The brake also had a wide jaw opening that allowed many large and intricate shapes to be formed on the job site that were limited to shop brakes prior to its introduction. Sold as the Mark I “50” Series

Our Bending Brakes Today 1983

Mark IV Industrial Brake

Introduced the Mark IV Industrial Bending Brake specifically designed for the needs of the Metal Roofing and Post Frame Building industry. The unique Cam Design, additional castings, reinforced locking bars and unique “Shop Stand” gave the user the ability to bend up to 24 gauge painted steel.

Our Mark IV Industrial Brake Today 1992
Van Mark TradeShow

Van Mark Exhibits at Metalcon

Started exhibiting at Metalcon in Atlanta GA demonstrating the Mark IV Industrial brake and Trim-A-Slitter as used to bend painted steel in the Metal Roofing Industry.

Trade Shows & Events 1994

Van Mark Exhibits at Frame Builders Show

Started Exhibiting at The Frame Builders Show demonstrating our Mark IV Industrial and Trim-A-Slitter as used to bend painted steel in the post frame building industry

Trade Shows & Events 1997

Mark I “60” Series™

Introduced the Mark I “60” Series™ cam locking brakes. These featured a new Top Lock Bar (“F Bar”) with rails to allow new patented brake accessories to work on Van Mark Cam Operated brakes.

Our Mark I Series™ Brake Today 1998
Intro QuickScore


Patented and introduced the QuickScore™, a scoring tool guided by the locking bar of the brakes, to allow brake users to score metal without damaging the hinges of the brakes.

Our QuickScore™ Today 1998
Intro TrimFormer


Patented and introduced the TrimFormer™ with two standard dies (Brick mold and rib form) allowing brake users to custom form and strengthen aluminum trim and moldings utilizing the brake as a guide.

Our TrimFormer™ Today 1999

Coil Dispenser™

Introduced the Coil Dispenser™, a free standing versatile coil holder designed for brake users to save money by not damaging trim coil on the jobsite.

Our Coil Dispenser™ Today 2000

Trim Cutter™

Introduced the Trim Cutter™, designed to ride on the brake lock bar and cut Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl and many other materials utilizing the brake as a guide.

Our Trim Cutter™ Today 2001


Patented and introduced the UniStand™, a universal stand for Van Mark brakes, cutting tables and slitters

Our UniStand™ Today 2001
Intro TrimMaster with old unileg

Mark II TrimMaster®

Introduced the Mark II TrimMaster® cam locking brake featuring a PowerSlot hinge designed to make bends as small as 5 ⁄ 8".

Our Mark II TrimMaster® Today 2002

Industrial Slitter Combo

Introduced the Industrial Slitter Combo as a 48" wide Slitter for steel with a motor, portable stand and 6’ Exit table making it the first Job Site Portable slitting station.

Our Industrial Slitter Combo Today 2002


Patented and Introduced the NailHawg™ job site metal sweeper for cleaning up ferrous metal debris. It’s Unique release lever made it an industry standard right away.

Our NailHawg™ Today 2003


Patented and Introduced the Trim-A-Gutter™ Custom Gutter Hood Forming Tool allowing contractors to custom make gutter hood protection to fit the job rather than purchase a “one size fits all” hood. Also introduces 5" Gutter hood Installation Brackets for the gutter hood formed on the Trim-A-Gutter™ to be installed properly.

Our Trim-A-Gutter™ System 2005

Metal Master Brakes

Introduced the Metal Master cam locking brake series featuring a 20" throat depth, the deepest in the industry. Sold in both the Industrial Version (Metal Master Industrial) and Contractor version

Our Bending Brakes Today 2008

UniStand™ EZ Go

Patented and introduced the UniStand™ EZ GO Series of stands, our durable UniStand with center mounted wheels for the easiest maneuverability on the job site.

Our UniStand™ EZ Go Today 2010

TrimFormer™ Bead Dies

Introduced Bead Form Dies for the TrimFormer™ to allow brake users to add beads to aluminum for rain baffles and strengthening beads.

Our TrimFormer™ Today 2012

Multi Gauge™

Patented and Introduced the Multi Gauge™ tool which both assists brake users in determining the angle of the metal being bent and gives a guide for where the cut to the metal is made with the Van Mark TrimCutter™.

Our Multi Gauge™ Today 2013
Van Mark - Over 50 years

50 Years of Quality

Van mark Celebrates its 50th Anniversary as a family owned and operated business focused on quality products and their customer’s needs.

Learn more about us 2014
Gutter Hood clips

Gutter Hood Installation Clips

Designed specifically for use with the Trim-A-Gutter™ System. Our clips and brackets help mount custom formed gutter hood to keep debris out of gutters while allowing water to flow.

Our Trim-A-Gutter Clips 2016
New Casting

Brand New Castings (20")

The New Metal Master® 20 and Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ-Go Feature brand new castings that are 15% lighter yet 20% stronger than our original. Adds life to the casting and produces more precise bends. Has a 20" Throat Depth to bend wider material.

Our Metal Master Brakes 2018
New Casting

Brand New Castings (14")

The New Mark II TrimMaster® , Mark I Series™, and Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster® Feature brand new castings and pivot arms that are 5% lighter yet 10% stronger than our original. Adds life to the casting and produces more precise bends.

Our Mark II TrimMaster® Today 2022

The Future of Van Mark

Van Mark continues to develop new tools and products, following our core values for many years to come.