Metal Master 20 brake contractor grade for bending

Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ

Bend and Hem 24, 26, and 29 gauge painted steel onsite.

  • Deepest working pocket available at 20".
  • Extended leverage bending handles, provide (4) points of lifting pressure on hinge, to ensure precise bends.
  • Master Stand (Included) disassembles in seconds for easy transport.
  • *Model shown with the optional TrimCutter™ and MultiGauge™
    Made in the USA

    Features & Benefits

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    Locking Handle Power Lock Bar Cam Locking System Military Grade Aluminum Casting Dual Support Base Rails POWERslot Hinge Bending Handle Master Stand EZ

    1. Locking Handle

    Full loop locking handle secure locks by pushing handle away from user. This allows handle to not interfere with material when bending larger pieces. Has quick release handles for easy transportation.

    2. Power Lock™ Bar

    Provides stronger clamping pressure along entire bending edge for crisp, clean bends without oil canning⁄ warping.

    3. Cam Locking System

    Van Mark has engineered the most effective and practical method for locking material on a bending brake. This patented design consists of an Aluminum Cam with a Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene wedge.

    4. Military Grade Aluminum Castings

    Each clamping station uses TWO Military Grade Aluminum Castings. The dual castings provide a strong and solid clamping pressure. This design has been time-tested and endured.

    5. Dual Support Base Rails

    All Van Mark brakes come standard with TWO full base rail extrusions that provide a solid foundation. Inhibits twisting and torqueing while bending.

    6. POWERslot™ Hinge

    Durable hinge that "auto-measures" 5 ⁄ 8" hem with ease. This hinge design provide increase bending strength.

    7. Bending Handle

    Dual Full loop bending handles connects a 2-4 integrated contact points allowing for straighter, more even bends with one hand operation. Ideal for bending and hemming full length (8ft +) pieces.

    8. Master Stand EZ (Included)

    Center-weighted wheels and low profile extended platform.

    Powerlock bar
    Power Lock Icon

    Power Lock™ Bar

    Provides stronger clamping along the entire bending edge for crisp, clean bends without oil canning, or warping.
    Increased Bending Radius
    Increased Radius Icon

    Increased Bending Radius

    Make 180° hem bends easier than ever.
    Larger Throat Depth
    Throat Depth Icon

    20" Throat Depth

    Larger 20" Throat Depth makes it easier to bend wider material.
    Over a quarter century ago, Van Mark introduced the worlds first cam locking system in a portable brake. Through time it has proven to be the strongest and most reliable locking mechanism. Now Van Mark has done it again with our Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ incorporating the best locking system with the deepest throat in the portable brake industry.

    The Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ comes with the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing to provide the best one-stop-shop for all your job site bending, from "W" style valley-pan & rake edges, to soffits & roof flashings, including wide hip and ridge cap, HVAC duct & plenum work, to name a few.
    Model Line:
    Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ
    Throat Depth:
    Hinge Type:
    Stand Options:
    Master Stand EZ Included; Click here for Stands
    1 Year

    6'6" (2.0 m)
    5 ea.
    217 lbs (98.6 kg)
    8'6" (2.6 m)
    5 ea.
    227 lbs (103.2 kg)
    10'6" (3.2 m)
    7 ea.
    259 lbs (117.7 kg)
    12'6" (3.8 m)
    9 ea.
    363 lbs (165.0 kg)
    14'6" (4.4 m)
    10 ea.
    385 lbs (175.0 kg)
    * dual bending handles ** dual bending & Locking handles

    Maximum Thickness
    Aluminum (3003H14)
    Galvanized Steel
    20 ga.
    Painted Steel (Grade D)
    24 ga.
    Roofing Copper
    36 oz.
    Stainless Steel (304L)
    24 ga.
    * Capacities are based on standard metal properties for coil & sheet. Please contact our factory for capacities on your specific material.

    1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

    Van Mark Products Corporation warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship for or a period of 1-year from the date of original purchase. For details, click here.